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Inclusive Tourism Center Parsa - ITCP Member/ Contact Point Organization of European Network of Accessible Tourism - ENAT

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About the Organization

"Georgia is situated at the crossroad of Europe and Asia, located between the Black and Caspian seas, surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains. One of the safest and peaceful lands a proof of ethical and religious diversity and tolerance. Georgia is the country of ancient history and culture, big diversity of natural beauty, the multiplicity of historical antiquity, the amazing hospitability of people and proper customs, the richest folklore, delicious traditional cuisine, and richly flavored wines that gives unforgettable impressions and valuable holidays".

Inclusive Tourism Center Parsa-ITCP’s mission is to encourage, promote and develop inclusive, sustainable, and health tourism for all in Georgia.
ITCP  is an affiliated member of the “European Network for Accessible Tourism-ENAT” and in 2014 has become National Contact Point organization for ENAT in Georgia. The mission of the ENAT is to make European tourism destinations, products, and services accessible to all travelers to promote accessible tourism around the world and actively protect the rights of persons with disabilities.

ITCP is a member of the Coalition for Independent Living uniting more than 26 NGO and DPO organizations dealing with disability issues in Georgia. Based on the international norms and conventions, the coalition supports the perfection of the legislation and the state executive system on the national level.
ITCP is a member of the Georgian Tourism Industry Alliance (GTIA) and Georgian Tourism Association (The GTIA and GTA stands for the improvement of tourism service quality and capacity building.

ITCP  working areas:
▪ Promotion, advocacy, and introduction of inclusive, sustainable, and health tourism for all
▪ Conducting educational programs and training on inclusive, sustainable, and health tourism management, accessibility standards, and Universal Design
▪ Advocacy of rights of persons with disabilities, engaging in programs and services targeting women and youth with disabilities
▪ Professional consultancy: - Customer service training on the welcome environment for people with disabilities - to make Georgian tourism destinations, products, and services accessible to all travelers; - accessibility of built environment: recommendations, architectural drawings (Universal design, national and international accessibility standards), monitoring and access audit; - recommendations on assistive equipment for people with disabilities for the tourism sector
▪ Promoting and developing recreational and rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities
▪ Social entrepreneurship programs focusing on the employment of PWDs and IDPs
▪ Creating and promoting adapted media and audio-visual products

Since 2010,  Inclusive Tourism Center Parsa-ITCP has implemented a number of successful projects funded by various donors: the European Union, World Bank, Europe Foundation, Open Society Georgia Foundation, Embassy of Germany in Georgia, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China In Georgia, Embassy of Switzerland in Georgia, Bank of Georgia Tree Foundation, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development Georgian National Tourism Administration, Department of Tourism and resorts of A/R Adjara, International women association IWA, National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia, Tbilisi Municipality City Hall, Batumi City Hall, Tourism Facilities Management Agency of Batumi, Asian Development Bank ADB, Network of Centers for Civic Engagement (NCCE). Thanks to these experiences, ATCP has the know-how and tools for stimulating the development of Tourism For all, in collaboration with the Government and stakeholders.